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Rural Grant Fund

Working with our partners to add value and provide unforgettable experiences and opportunities across our county.


Herefordshire County BID Ltd is committed to encouraging economic development across the county and aims to work closely with organisations and groups by financially supporting projects that benefit the visitor economy.

The HCBID are launching a grant fund for the rural economy to work together to improve the visitor economy for our rural businesses. HCBID will give our rural economy access to £6,000 per year to support projects that improve the economic viability of the rural businesses to potential visitors leading to improved economic viability of the county.

HCBID has a duty to ensure that grants awarded under this scheme aim to make a difference to the visitor economy in Herefordshire and recognises and values the importance of partnership working.

Aims Of The Grant Fund

  • Increase footfall, dwell time and spend
  • Promote Herefordshire as a destination to visit, live and work
  • Develop stronger partnerships across the county to deliver more opportunities for the Herefordshire visitor economy
  • Deliver promotional campaigns to highlight the range and quality of businesses within Herefordshire 

Examples of projects that could be funded via this scheme (not an exhaustive list)

  • Projects making it easier for visitors to access rural businesses
  • Rural events
  • Marketing projects

Application Procedure

  • Applications need to be sent in a minimum of 8 weeks prior to any project delivery.
  • If the application is for an event, it is strongly recommended applications are made as soon as possible prior to the event to allow sufficient time for the application to be considered.
  • Applications must be submitted using the online application form and be accompanied by the documentation requested by the application deadline or the application may not be considered.
  • Applicants who cannot provide a copy of accounts or a balance sheet are asked to submit a business plan or strategy with other supporting documentation.
  • HCBID Ltd reserves the right to request additional information to aid determination of the grant.
  • Once it has been decided if an application should receive a grant, an offer letter will be sent to the applicant detailing the level of grant awarded and any stipulations linked to the grant.
  • If the applicant is happy to accept the offer and conditions, a signed copy of the offer letter should be returned to Herefordshire County BID Ltd within the set timeframe. Once this is received the project may begin.
  • All paperwork including invoices relating to the project must be retained and provided as part of the final project report.
  • On completion of the project a final report will be required. The report will summarise what the project has achieved and break down the income and expenditure. HCBID Ltd will monitor and follow up any reports not received. Any applicant who fails to submit a final report will not be eligible to apply for any grants in the future.

Who May Apply

Any traders’ groups, charities, voluntary or community organisation may apply. The BID Board must satisfy itself that any grant made is likely to achieve the desired outcome relating to economic, social or environmental well-being of HCBID area.  

If you would like to discuss your eligibility for this grant please contact Diane Mansell on diane@herefordshirecountybid.co.uk

Who Cannot Apply

HCBID will not fund activities that only benefit one business, of a political nature, nor discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, gender, age, sexuality or disability nor will it fund activities considered to be the responsibility of the principal authority or which it considers might lead to the statutory body withdrawing funding in the future.

HCBID will not award grants to national organisations which do not have a direct specific benefit to the people of Herefordshire or where local groups raise funds which are sent to a regional or national HQ for redistribution and not spent locally.

Conditions Of Funding

The following conditions will apply:

  • The maximum request for any project is £1,500 in any financial year (1 April-31 March)
  • Grant applications need to show a minimum of 25% match fund of the total project cost
  • Grants will only be considered if submitted on the appropriate form supported with the necessary requested documentation
  • If there is insufficient documentary evidence of the organisation’s financial position, the application will not be considered
  • The applicants organisation should be properly constituted, with a written constitution and appointed officers
  • If the project is relying on funding from HCBID Ltd it should not be started until an offer letter has been received, signed and returned
  • If the project has already started, it cannot be funded through this scheme as grants will not be awarded retrospectively for work, goods or services already delivered
  • Grants awarded may be for less than the amount requested
  • Projects must be completed within the financial year the application was made
  • Applicants should have a bank account held in the organisations name
  • Grants will not be awarded to finance core running costs of an organisation, salaries or wages
  • The grant must be used only for the purpose for which the application was made
  • If the applicant is unable to use the grant for the stated purposes and within the stated timescale, monies must be returned
  • The applicant must submit an end of project report, including copies of receipts and/or proofs of purchases within 6 weeks of the completion date of the project; failure to do so will result in the applicant being ineligible to apply for any future grant funding
  • Representatives of the group will be expected to attend HCBIDs AGM to showcase their project and how the funding has helped facilitate its work
  • HCBID Ltd.’s decision will be final

If you would like to discuss your eligibility for this grant please contact Diane Mansell on diane@herefordshirecountybid.co.uk