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Providing FREE cost savings advice and guidance ensuring your business is receiving the best deals from your suppliers.

Trusted cost saving experts have been enlisted by Herefordshire County BID to help reduce costs for local businesses. PSP has been appointed by the BIDs to deliver a programme aimed at reducing business operating costs during the current ‘cost of doing business’ crisis. The partnership offers cutting-edge expertise and resources, helping businesses to achieve their sustainability goals and thrive in today’s competitive market.  Enhancing the extensive support the BID currently provide to businesses throughout the county, the partnership provides additional comprehensive guidance spanning a variety of topics – including energy efficiency, sustainability and cost reduction strategies. As a result of the risk-free arrangement, local business owners will have support to save money during a turbulent time. 

The Place Support Partnership was born out of a passion for supporting businesses and is designed to help generate economic outcomes for all involved. Founded by Rishi Sood, the CEO and his team boast an impressive track record of savings success across the UK. PSP has been commissioned by 60 BIDs and 12 local authorities to date and has identified millions of pounds worth of savings since 2021. Rishi has 14 years of experience in the field, and is personally credited with securing millions of pounds worth of savings.  PSP has offered a unique service to the county by serving the needs of the visitor economy making it a one stop shop to cover all your cost saving needs within the county area. 

If you would like to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity please contact Tara@herefordshirecountybid.co.uk or call on 03330 156 289.

Areas We Can Support And What We Need From You

  • Electricity – All pages of your latest bill showing: Contract end date, MPAN/MPRN number and estimated consumption
  • Gas – All pages of your latest bill showing: Contract end date, MPAN/MPRN number and Estimated Consumption
  • Water – All pages of your latest bill showing: SPID number, Water and Waste Rates and Water and Rates Usage
  • Merchant Fees – All pages of your latest bill showing: Current Merchant Provider, Estimated Annual Card Turnover and Current Terminal and Transaction Charges
  • Insurance – Estimated Renewal Date, Renewal Documents if available and Insurance Specification
  • Telecoms & Broadband – All pages of your latest bill showing: Contract End Date, Current Charges and Itemised Billing