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BID Board

The BID Board is made up of business owners and managers from across the County’s business community. The Board represent Herefordshire County Destination BID businesses in terms of their sector and location within the County. Herefordshire Council and the County’s Town Councils also have a representative. 

Glenn Jones, Co-Chair

Discover Parks

Representing: Leominster

Email: glenn@discoverparks.co.uk

Joanna Hilditch, Co-Chair

White Heron Estate

Representing: Kington

Email: jo@whitternfarms.co.uk

Matthew Pudge, Vice Chair

The Hop Pocket shopping Village

Representing: Rural Business

Email: matthew@thehoppocket.com

Peta Darnley

Netherwood Estate

Representing: Bromyard

Email: office@netherwoodestate.co.uk

Kari Trajer Morgan

Westbrook Court Country House

Representing: Golden Valley

Email: stay@westbrookcourt.co.uk

Frank Myers MBE

Wythall Estate Vineyard

Representing: County

Email: frank.myers@mcp.co.uk

Ana Vaughan

National Trust

Representing: County Wide
Attraction & Leisure

Email: ana.vaughan@nationaltrust.org.uk

Daniel Wood

Hampton Court castle

Representing: Leominster
Attraction & Leisure

Email: office@hamptoncourtcastle.co.uk

Cllr. Ed O’Driscoll

Ross-on-Wye Town Council

Representing: the 5 market towns
Public Sector

Email: Ed.ODriscoll@rosstowncouncillors.co.uk

Julian Vaughan

The Green Dragon Hotel

Representing: Greater Hereford

Email: julian@greendragonhotel.com

Andrew Blandford


Representing: Ledbury

Board Governance

The Herefordshire County BID Board is made up of predominantly Levy-Paying businesses, representing a cross-section of businesses within the Herefordshire County BID Area. The Board also has 2 Local Authority representatives. The Board provides strong governance, a clear strategic direction to the company and oversees the delivery of the BID Business Plan. All Directors are volunteers and do not receive any remuneration for their position. Board Directors serve for a period of 3 years and thereafter the position comes up for election at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM). As this is a new policy, and to keep continuity on the Board, 2 Board Directors will step down at each AGM. Directors can get re-elected back onto the Board but only through the election process; this will make sure there is a way for new Board Directors to join the Board.

The recruitment process for Board Directors considers sector representation, geographical split, skill set and abilities of potential Board Directors to fill skill gap. Candidates are interviewed to make sure they understand what they are taking on, and to ensure the best possible fit for the Company. Once this has been done, recommendations will then be given to the Board. Once the candidates have been recommended, a vote takes place and all Members in attendance at the AGM meeting can vote on shortlisted candidates. The strongest candidate is appointed to each Board position.

Board Director positions that become available between AGM’s follow the same recruitment process, but the candidates are voted for by the existing Board Directors, not all members. Company updates are communicated regularly through the electronic newsletter and an overview is given at our Annual General Meeting.

To view the Directors Job Description, visit the Governance and Legal Documents page.

Board Meetings

The Board meets 6 times per year and copies of Board Minutes after 1 May 2023 will be available on the Governance and Legal Documents page once they have been agreed as a true record of the meeting :- Governance and Legal Documents – Herefordshire County BID. If you would like to discuss Board Minutes, please contact Diane Mansell on diane@herefordshirecountybid.co.uk

A Register of all Pecuniary and Personal Interests

When appointed, all Directors are required to complete a Conflicts of Interest Document, detailing information on other Directorships, personal interests and family business interests.  This is to ensure complete transparency when discussing issues relating to the BID or the Business Plan and procurement of contracts. The Register of all Pecuniary and Personal Interest is a standing Board Agenda item, and the Chair ensures that all Directors update this regularly, declaring any new interests at each meeting they attend. Details of Board Directors are shared at our AGM, through our Company Audit and in our ‘Annual Report’ which can be found on the Governance and Legal Documents page on this website. Should any Levy-Paying business wish to see this Register, they can make their request through Diane Mansell on diane@herefordshirecountybid.co.uk