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Benefits to Herefordshire of joining the LVEP Programme

Visit Herefordshire LVEP will work closely with VisitEngland during the set-up process and beyond, with ongoing support from a VisitEngland Regional Development Leads.

As well as securing a nationally recognised official status, Visit Herefordshire LVEP will provide strong leadership and management of the Visitor Economy within the county, working collaboratively with the public and private sector.

Visit Herefordshire LVEP will help to shape and deliver national strategy and activities for the benefit of the county. The LVEP’s important role will be promoted across government and national agencies, ensuring the Visit Herefordshire LVEP is an active and valued contributor to Levelling Up and the wider economy.

The Visit Herefordshire LVEP will be able to access expert advice, dedicated toolkits and training programmes from VisitBritain/VisitEngland in areas ranging from commercialisation, distribution, accessibility and sustainability to business support and marketing which will help businesses within Herefordshire.

Through the LVEP Programme the Visit Herefordshire LVEP will be able to:

  • Participate in VisitBritain/VisitEngland initiatives (as appropriate and in line with our strategy), such as ‘always on’ marketing activity, press trips, trade missions and business events.
  • Apply for any relevant VisitBritain/VisitEngland grant funding programmes.
  • Access VisitBritain/VisitEngland expertise and support in key areas such as distribution, accessibility, sustainability, business support and marketing.
  • Contribute to the development and delivery of England’s sustainable visitor economy strategy and consumer brand proposition.
  • Collaborate with other programme participants to solve issues affecting destination management, share learnings and best practice.
  • Benefit from a nationally recognised official status to strengthen the relationship with local and regional bodies and government departments. This will include use of a logo to show you are recognised by VisitEngland.

For Businesses and Organisations Representing The Local Visitor Offer The Visit Herefordshire LVEP Structure Will Bring:

  • Access to a strengthened and more targeted business support offer through the LVEP structure.
  • A strong commercial strategy with increased opportunities for engagement and benefit from LVEP and national activity.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with, and learn from, other businesses and organisations across the local visitor economy.
  • Access via the LVEP to national initiatives including:- VisitEngland business support, training programmes and Excellence Awards- VisitBritain/VisitEngland digital, PR, marketing and travel trade activities- VisitBritain/VisitEngland business events support (where appropriate).
  • A clear port of call via the LVEP.
  • The confidence of investing in – and supporting – a nationally recognised and resilient LVEP.

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Why were LVEP’s created

Developed and administered by VisitEngland, the LVEP programme is creating a national portfolio of strategic and high-performing LVEPs working in collaboration locally, regionally and nationally on shared priorities and targets to support and grow the visitor economy. The creation of LVEPs was part of the UK Government’s response to the recommendations of ‘The de Bois Review: an independent review of DMOs in England,’ to reshape destination management across England, reducing fragmentation and bringing coherence to its DMO landscape.

National LVEP Programme Goals:

  • Develop a strong national strategic relationship between LVEPs, VisitEngland, DCMS and wider government and national agencies.
  • Ensure stability and resilience through increased income generation, diversifying funding streams, robust destination management and diverse governance.
  • Join up local visitor economy growth priorities and activities with those at national level, setting clear targets and driving high performance. There will be a strong emphasis on embedding sustainability and accessibility, growing business support and working on approaches to data.
  • Provide a significant role in place shaping and economic development, generating better outcomes for visitors, the environment, communities and businesses, through building influential relationships with local government and businesses.
  • Develop skills and expertise in LVEP teams through access to training opportunities, and the wider sector and SMEs through a more targeted business support offer